Who am I, what is Inc. Smartly?

Before I introduce myself and the goals of this blog, I’d like to take a moment to discuss what I hope this blog achieves for myself as a person, an entrepreneur, a startup, a business and for you my audience. My intentions are to make this blog in such a way to create interesting, informative and insightful content about going from an idea to incorporating into a business. I realize this is new to me, this means I may not have all the answers but this only allows this platform to be honest. By going through all the ups and down together, both you my audience and I can pursue this startup journey with good intentions, strong motivation and the courage to face our fears of making meaningful decisions. The time is never tomorrow but rather today, here and now!

Chapter 1: Who am I, what is Inc. Smartly?

I am a few years shy of being 30. The age I set for myself to reach my goals, the age I promised myself to prove I am successful to my parents and those around. I see this as the problem. For years I aimed to prove others wrong instead of proving myself right. It is time to pursue my goals instead of dreaming of dreams, it is today that I tackle my ambitions. I graduated architecture school in 2015 with much debt that has crippled my independence. I have enough loans to buy one Rolls Royce Ghost or six Honda Accords. Upon graduation I entered the work force only to realize the value of an architect is no longer as impressive it once was.

Often in movies architects are portrayed to be wealthy and successful, they are shown to have everything figured out but the truth is far from fiction. As amazing as architecture is in school, the reality is much different. I interned while at school often with little compensation in hopes that I could build my resume and to my dismay full-time employment didn’t offer much of a compensation either. This is when I really started to think about becoming an entrepreneur.

I have always had the mentality of an entrepreneur. Both my grandfather’s build their own success stories out of nothing and I might have given myself a tough challenge by setting my grandfathers as my role models to the path to success and stars I long wish to reach for…if only I was old enough to learn their knowledge before their passing I’d learn about their secret to success. But something tells me the secret is as simple as trying, failing and trying till you succeed. When I say I’ve always had the entrepreneurial mentally I simply mean I try to make everything I come across into a business. I research the idea, write everything I can about the potential clients, profits, revenue, sales channels, potential scaling and growth paths (to name a few examples) on loose pieces of paper. I have enough of these ideas and pieces of papers to fill the six Honda Accords I owe on my student loans. But now everything will be different. Now I will move past scribbles of ideas, dreams and homes and leap into learning the way to incorporating.

I imagine there are many a you who like me have ideas and notes about them, and like me you spin your wheels in the same spot without ever moving forward. This is why I started this blog, this is why I am sharing my mistakes and achievements with you my audience so we can move forward on the path to success.

Inc. Smartly is a blog about Incorporating smartly. In the past year I have read many books, attended many networking events and watch many YouTube series on how to make a startup. Now through this platform, I will share with you my journey of turning my idea into a company. I will share with you the things I learn so you don’t waste your energy and efforts spinning your wheels in the same spot like I did in the past. Through is platform I will introduce my ideas and every step I take in order to form a successful business around it and ultimately make an everlasting company. I will also make it an effort to introduce other people, their ideas and journeys in order to show that there are multiple paths to success. Finally, I hope to turn this blog into something bigger than my initial idea of a platform for sharing, I hope Inc. Smartly becomes a dominate force to help others take their own ideas and make their own companies by helping them incorporate, find investors, mentors and talent to hire.

Stay tuned as things can only get better, my ambitions much brighter and my commitment to succeed more persistent…

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